A hymn to color like beauty and joie de vivre and a bold manifesto of the italian elegance and style all over the world: the Simone Mariotti brand embodies tradition and the highest craftsmanship and its shoes are an example of incomparable savoir faire, class and sophistication so that its admirers around the world recognize them at a glance thanks their precious details, perfect seams and top of the line materials, leather and suede in particular which are made of these masterpieces which combine maximum comfort at maximum style.

Fiunded in 1969 by Mauro Mariotti and today directed by his son Simone Mariotti which launched several lines of shoes whose principal is now the one that bears his name, the company Simon srl according to the great history of the italian enterprise is based on family farming: in the company working on the control and management of production also the two sisters and the brother of Simone Mariotti. Here the employees are true master craftsmen, even very young, with hands of gold. They cut every piece of leather by hand, allowing not only that nothing go to waste in difference of carving done by machinery but, above all, imprinting so in each model, thanks to a technique and a passion that is always deeply personal, a personal touch and an exclusivity that makes each shoe signed by Simone Mariotti absolutely one of a kind, unique and special.

The great must have of this label is a classic model, like Oxford and loafer, hand padding, that is leather painted with a sponge to get a sophisticated inhomogeneous effect, almost degradé and pale at certain points of the shoes.

The hand padding the real trademark of this brand, is available in many different nuances because, although the Europe has proved at the beginning to be most classic and conservative, favouring on winter models on black, grey and blue and only during the summer same different color, above all pastel and neutral shades, unlike the United States and Japan,  Simone Mariotti has always gone upstream and now it reaps the rewards of its creative intuition and managerial skills, broadening the range of its customers who increasingly demonstrates to like wearing shoes in bright colours, with fine ton sur ton stitching. In fact, each sole is sewn by hand and never glued as with other competitors. As you can see, there are many passages made by hand in this company, proportionally well 7 out of 10: for this reason each pair of shoes product cannot ever be equal to another. Therefore these exclusive and luxurious accessories are designed for a lover of the highrest craftsmanship that loves wearing a pair of shoes at the same time comfy, refined, unique and original. This year the two italian stores (at Marostica and Milan) was joined by the flagship store in Manila whose elegant interiors reflect the concept promoted by Simone Mariotti to show at its best his brand philosophy 100% Made in Italy.

Very soon new opening are planned in Dubai and China to expand the brand thanks the excellent feedback received by global clients that demands, according to its attitude and culture, only the best for itsself, that Best than Simone Mariotti has always been able to offer, believing in the extraordinary resources so innate in the italian dna and tradition.

Pioneer of hand padding technique that is able to appreciate worldwide offering it in the bolder colors, Simone Mariotti 's style is a happy british-tuscan mix with a great appealing and considerable visual appearance, absolutely captivating.

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